Where can salâh be performed ? Where is the prayer?


Where can salâh be performed ?

Where is the prayer?

Salâh can be performed at any clean and pure place anywhere on the face of Earth. According to Islamic teachings, a place of performing salâh will testify about it on the Judgment Day.

Therefore, every believer must strive to offer salâh at as many places as possible.

What is the Status of Mosques in İslam?

Mosques are considered as “branches” of the main mosque in Mecca—al-Masjid al-Haram with the Kâbah in the center.

Mosques at any place on Earth are considered “Houses of Allah,” for the real owner of these places of worship is Allah: “And [know] that all mosques belong to Allah [alone]: hence, do not invoke anyone side by side with Allah!” (Jinn 72:18) Nobody is permitted to close the doors of a house of Allah to His servants.

Nobody is allowed to charge fees for entering mosques. There is no membership required to be able to enter a mosque. In case one seeks refuge in a mosque, nobody is allowed to drive him/her out.

In Islam, mosques are not only places of worship, but a local Muslim community’s heart. The function mosques fulfill resembles that of a heart: collecting circulated blood, purifying it, and pumping it back into veins.

The mosque, similarly, collects “spoiled” and “blemished” individuals, purifies them with knowledge and heartfelt worship, and sends them back to the midst of the community.

Where can salâh be performed ? Where is the prayer?

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